April 30, 2009

Seven Layer Gelatin and Yogurt Dessert

(These were taken back in January and finally get to post it. Finally!!)

The title pretty much says it all. A fun dessert my kids (heck, any kid at heart) can not resist.

This dessert can be done a variety of colors. I usually ask my kids to pick what colors they like. They can be done a variety of shapes, too! These ones were simply cut into cubes but I've used different cookie cutters to cut them into other fun shapes -- stars were very popular with my boys. :)

I used this recipe and substituted yogurt for sour cream which makes it a somewhat healthy dessert. And speaking of yogurt, do you make your yogurt? If not, you should give it a try and you'll be hooked. Check out Jude's site for his how-to on homemade yogurt.

I never knew making yogurt was so easy. I let my husband make it since he really enjoys the process. He is like my Alton Brown, putzing around the kitchen with a thermometer talking about proper temperature and such, very cute!

And lastly, make sure your refrigerator is level to make sure you get the stripes to set evenly. If you want more Jello layer recipes and ideas, check out Mary's blog (aka The Food Librarian).


The Food Librarian said...

Awesome! I love the colors you used. They look fantastic! :)

Liesl said...

Great photos! I remember getting this treat as a kid and loving it!

Sharona May said...

Very cool and so pretty!

Jude said...

Very pretty, especially the round ones. That means there's gonna be lots of odds and ends for snacking right?

Jacque said...

LOL, I guess making these would be one way to tell if your refrigerator is level or not.

Those are AWESOME!! "All hail the power of jell-o!" :)

♥Rosie♥ said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I just love the colourful layers - bravo :0)

Rosie x

La Cuisine d'Helene said...

My friend always brings these to parties and I did not have a recipe. Looks so good. I love the vibrant colors.


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