March 29, 2010

Meyer Lemon Upside-Down Cake

My husband works not more than two miles from our home. So around noon, he swings by to say hello and the family gets to have lunch together. A couple of weeks ago, he came later than expected. Why? Because he had stopped by a stranger's house, knocked on their door and asked if they would sell him some Meyer Lemons off their tree! He came home with his hands full of scratches, carrying a big bag full of Meyer Lemons! Just for me, he said!

Of course I had to share in Twitter but mostly to get some ideas from my follower friends. Mary was one to respond (which is funny since I've been kind of jealous of her around this time, with her blogging about her Meyer Lemon Fairy and all). She also has a Blood Orange and Cardamon Upside-Down Cake that the time and thought maybe I can sub the Meyer Lemons for the blood oranges (since I love upside-down cakes). Wouldn't you know she has an Upside-Down recipe using Meyer Lemons so dessert for the night was decided right then.

The recipe is from Los Angeles Times and can be printed here. It uses regular lemons but Mary substituted Meyer Lemons for them, you can read her post about it by clicking here. I have more Meyer Lemon recipes to share in several days so stay tuned. :)


The Food Librarian said...

Caroline, What a lovely cake! And what an adorable husband. Can't wait to see what else you made with the lemons. They are real treasures, aren't they? - mary the food librarian

TS of eatingclub vancouver said...

Oh, how convenient, his workplace! And teehee, how sweet of him.

Caroline said...

Mary, great suggestion for this cake. Thanks.

Tiffany, I lucked out with my husband. :)

Thanks for stopping by!


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