October 15, 2008

Look at What My Husband Made!

I'm back! I just spent the last four days chauffering wealthy Brasilians all over LA. I drove them to see Wicked at the Pantages, then after the show, a late dinner at Mr. Chow. The next day, took them shopping at Rodeo Drive and South Coast Plaza and another late dinner at Matsuhisa. I'm so glad somebody's enjoying and spending their money amidst this economic crisis.

And talking about spending money, my husband has been spending a little too much time at e-Bay and got ahold of some vanilla. He argued it was a good investment (which I agree) since I will be benefitting greatly with his little culinary project.
Behold the beginnings of vanilla extract! This mason jar was filled with several pods of organically-grown Bourbon and Tahitian Vanilla that had been split open and submerged in vodka. It's only been steeping a day and it has already turned the liquid a cool amber color. I will have to be patient and wait another 59 days before I can use it. Just in time for Christmas! I have a feeling once I use this, I can never buy a factory-made vanilla extract again.


Jude said...

Wow homemade vanilla extract? 2 months seems like an awfully long time but I'm wondering how it will turn out.

Caroline said...

Yeah, 2 long months. You need at least that much time for the vodka to absorb all that vanilla flavor. It's worth it though, I think.


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