November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Feasts

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and your tummies were full with good food shared among good company. Lucky us, we took part on not just one, but two Thanksgiving feasts yesterday. First up, to my in-law's house were we had a traditional (and early, 4PM) Thanksgiving dinner.

Husband was in charge of the turkey so after breakfast, D and I packed the turkey (rubbed with crushed garlic and salt and been marinating for the last two days) and chestnut, mushroom and prosciutto stuffing (prepared the night before) along with the kids and drove an hour to the in-laws. Once there, husband roasted the turkey and made fresh cranberry sauce while I assembled the cake for my niece (post coming up) who celebrated her 15th birthday. MIL made the mashed potatoes and praline yams along with rice and coconut shrimp (that fried things you see on top of the turkey in front) -- the Brazilian part of the meal.
Everything was delicious. And knowing that every single thing was made from scratch made the food taste even better. The photo above was my plate taken at the dinner table. I could have eaten this twice over but had to stop knowing I will be having another dinner at my parent's house.
So after the first dinner, we only had the kids to pack this time and drove back an hour for another dinner at my parents' house. The plate above is my family's traditional Thanksgiving dinner. My family does not like turkey so had pineapple-baked ham instead along with (clockwise from top) empanada, pancit bihon, puto, chicken pastel and pandesal.

Sad to say, with the exception of ham (courtesy of my aunt) and pandesal (baked by husband), everything was "catered" :( That's how they put it but basically the food was bought from Filipino restaurants: puto was from Goldilock's, empanada was from another bakery and the rest was from a turo-turo. The way they prepare for this meal was driving around all day to pick up their pre-ordered food.

I've been hinting weeks earlier on what every one can cook for this get-together but no one wants to hear it. If they only knew what kind of things go into restaurant-prepared food. My husband and I know, we used to own an Italian restaurant were we would put a whole stick of butter and a cup of cream to make fettucini Alfredo. Yikes!

My family has become lazy about food these past years and even more so when my lola (grandma) passed away few years ago. Hopefully, I'll be successful in convincing them to have home-cooked food for noche buena (Christmas Eve dinner).


Rosie said...

Your Thanksgiving meal looks superb - gosh i could just eat this right now ;) Sounds like you had a lovely day :)

Rosie x

cookienurse said...

Just found your blog and glad to see one from a filipina! (I'm filipino too, raised most of my life here) I can totally relate to the family wanting to cater a lot of their food. Thankfully, my mom and I try to make a lot of food from scratch. But it is convenient at times, especially now that my mom is so much older. I know she does it out of love but I think she enjoys the rest once in a while!

[eatingclub] vancouver || js said...

Too bad about not cooking. . .I find that more and more Filipinos I know now don't know how to cook the traditional dishes. It's such a loss.

Caroline said...

cookienurse, thanks for finding me here.

J, I know what you mean. I guess part of the reason for this blog is to get back and rediscover my culinary heritage.


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