May 21, 2009

Blueberry and Coconut Mochi Cake

When I saw this recipe from The Food Librarian, I knew it was something I wanted to make right away. So Mother's Day weekend, while the kids were off watching their Saturday morning cartoons (btw, do other kids still do that these days? Mine do 'cause we got rid of cable), I was left alone uninterrupted in the kichen which ended in me making four different baked goods. This was one of them.

When I was gathering my ingredients, I noticed I didn't have enough frozen blueberries (I only had a cup's worth). But I noticed I had a bag of grated fresh coconut I picked up from the Filipino market months ago. Since I didn't feel like going to the store (I was still in pajamas ), figured I make this substitution.

I placed the blueberries on one side and the grated coconut on the other as you can see from my before and after pictures. I didn't combine the two fruits together since I wanted to taste the recipe as originally written. (Also, if for some reason the coconut part didn't work out, I'd still have half of a good cake.) :)

But I shouldn't have worried for both parts came out okay. The blueberries gave the mochi an extra sweetness as you chew into the mochi. The grated coconut gave it a little snappy crunchy texture to give your mouth a break from all the soft chewiness that is mochi. You know the middle part of the cake where both fruits meet was actually my favorite since all the textures and flavors were all there in one bite.

I cut them into truffle-size pieces, packed them in some truffle boxes, tied a bow around them and handed them out to all the mothers in my family. (My cousin got one, too even though she's not a mom yet but just because she's my favorite. Right, Katie?)

Please hop on over to The Food Librarian for the recipe. And feel free to improvise, you'll just may be delighted with what you create.


Fabjena(TheBestRecipes) said...

This one's looking so delicious! :))

The Food Librarian said...

Wheeee! I love that you made these! And the coconut sounds good! I love the half-and-half baking! What a lovely Mother's Day treat. Today, I posted Cherry Mochi Cupcakes. :)

♥Rosie♥ said...

Your cake looks very delicious!

Jude said...

This sounds fantastic. I'm guessing any sweet rice flour would work for this recipe?


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