September 1, 2009

XOXO :) Cupcakes with Chocolate Chips

Yesterday was my boys' official first day of school. We had a late morning start since they were still tired from spending Sunday at the beach. We wouldn't have gone to the beach if I remembered it would be a school day the next day. What happened to school starting the day after Labor Day?! In all, the boys' first day went smoothly, my youngest starts Kindergarten this year so he was really excited. He got his very own set of books and want to read them all, at the same time! :)

To celebrate I made a quick batch of banana cupcakes to have for snacks after school. It's been really hot right now (100+ degrees!) so I didn't frost them. Instead I just placed some chocolate chips on them AFTER I took 'em out of the oven. The still-hot cupcakes partially melted the chocolate chips in place! Cool! I don't know why I didn't think of doing these before?

The boys helped make the designs but I made sure to watch carefully since the baking tin was still hot. Be sure not to move the chocolate chips once you place them since it melts fast and it will smear, totally just for looks since the cupcakes are light-colored. But I guess it wouldn't matter if you do these on chocolate cupcakes. :)

I also tried using these nut cups (Is it just me or does that sound perverse?!?) which I've seen used to bake cupcakes. I loved how they looked, so chic but so difficult to eat from. It's a struggle to tug on those rolled-up lip on the cups. I don't want delays to my cupcake enjoyment, ha ha.

I am sure you can put chocolate chips onto any cupcake recipe you prefer but the ones I baked can be found here.


momgateway said...

Love your cake creations...wish I could bake like you.

Talita said...

How lovely! Look delicious!


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