March 20, 2010

Happy Macaron Day!

A few weeks ago, I found out from a little bird that March 20th is Macaron Day. So to celebrate, I figured I'll try making some macarons again. I just recently found out about MacTweets blog dedicated to the macaron and wanted to join their monthly round-up. I had planned on making macarons last weekend but my husband, Mr. Feijoada, made plans for our kitchen, too! He decided to make ketchup from tomatoes he got a great deal on from the farmer's market. So I got kicked out of our small kitchen and never made the round-up deadline.

I was still determined to make them but this week flew by so quickly! I finally had time to bake macarons yesterday. I went to bed a happy girl because their feet decided to show this time. YAY!

I made the macaron shells plain and filled them with White Chocolate Blood Orange Ganache by yesterday afternoon. Please visit the MacTweets blog for their helpful resources; I used Helen's (of Tartlette) Basic French Meringue Macaron recipe found in her tutorial (same one featured in Desserts magazine). For the filling, I adapted her White Chocolate Raspberry Ganache and substituted the raspberry jam for some homemade Blood Orange Marmalade my husband made last year. I guess good things can come up from being kicked out of the kitchen. :P

Just a note: I found a Calamansi tree! That's the one behind the macarons in the picture above. I see Calamansi Macarons in the future, I can't wait! :)


♥¸¸.•*¨Skip to Malou¨¨*•.¸¸♥¸ said...

such dainty macarons... i just want to take a bite! love the plate too!

Anonymous said...

Is today Macaron day?! I missed it! Well done on your macaron - lovely feet! Will we see calamansi flavoured macarons soon?!

Divina Pe said...

Beautiful macaroons. Calamansi macaroons would be great.

symphonious sweets said...

beautiful job on your macs! what is a calamansi?

Patricia said...

calamansi are like little jewels here... so hard to find and expensive when you've found them! Happy Mac Day too although I think I missed the memo... ah well. Hurray for feeeeet!

Tangled Noodle said...

Such beautiful macarons! That blood orange marmalade sounds marvelous, but I'm totally excited about the possibility of calamansi macarons - go Caroline!!

Cherrie Pie said...

Your macarons look gorgeous. I've never made them because I'm too scared to try. Hopefuly,one day I'll gather enough courage to try. Please, please, please make calamansi macarons and blog.

Caroline said...

Malou: Thank you! It is actually a pedestal, an estate sale find so a great deal.

Trissa: Thanks & calamansi is in the works, hoping it turns out well.

Divina: Calamansi does sound great, huh? Thanks.

Katie: Calamansi are limes native to Philippines. It's small as key limes but kinda taste like a cross between kumquats & meyer lemons. Please check out my older posts for more info. Thanks for stopping by.

Patricia: You are right calamansi are like jewels. The good thing about food holidays, we can celebrate anytime!

Tracey: Thank you and calamansi macarons started as a joke but with all the encouragement, I will definitely make 'em.

Cherrie: Please make macarons, don't be intimidated. I think that was the greatest hurdle I faced. Thanks for the kind words.

Julia @Mélanger said...

Happy belated macaron day. Your macarons are lovely!


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