August 29, 2010

Weekend Before School and Two Breakfasts

This weekend had turned out to be quite eventful for our family. Besides our usual trip to the farmers market on Saturday, we decided to attend The Food Rendezvous held in Venice. This was the first of what would be monthly get-together of local food artisans and I wanted to know more of the food and products they are featuring. There were also nonprofit food and agricultural organizations present, like Food Forward ( and Community Services Unlimited ( and  was pleased to learn more about them.
The next day, after a lazy morning breakfast of biscuits, chicken links and eggs I come to find on Twitter that the Tapa Boy food truck was minutes away from where I planned to be. I have been following their tweets and thought their concept and especially the look of their truck is very clever. Tapa Boy have dubbed their food truck the "giant jeepney" so any Filipino would instantly be charmed by their look, I surely was.

So off I went, with my family in tow to have another breakfast and to see the giant jeepney before their official launch (which is this Friday). And yes, I made sure my kids had a "Kodak-an" moment. :)
Tapa Boy's menu consists mostly of silogs, a play on words for a Filipino breakfast of Sinangag (garlic fried rice) and itlog (eggs). With the rice and eggs, you add meats like Tapa (marinated thin-sliced beef), Tocino (sweetly-spiced pork of chicken) and Longanisa (Filipino sweet pork sausages). Combine the first syllable of the word with silog and you get the name for your meal!

Even though silog are considered breakfast dishes, they give such comfort that most crave and eat them any time of day. (I have yet to blog about silog but Malou (of Skip to Malou) recently done Longsilog here.)

I ordered the Tapsilog since I was eager to try their namesake dish. My husband was in the mood for Longsilog so we ordered that as well. I wanted to try their turon but was told they didn't have any at the time.
Above is my husband's bowl of Longsilog, the sausage came without the casing which my husband and I thought was unusual and unexpected. I guess we should have read the menu more carefully.
Overall, both were good dishes. The sinangag had lots of garlic flavor throughout and the meats were flavorful. We ordered the eggs over-hard and scrambled since that's what my kids requested though they are usually eaten over-easy. I'm delighted to have another food truck representing Filipino food, another step toward making our cuisine mainstream.
This weekend turned out to be a great end to our summer.


Annie said...

How I miss the farmers' market in our old neighborhood! And the Tapa Boy food truck is my kind of weekend breakfast. Great pics, Caroline!

Jun Belen said...

WOW! Another Filipino food truck? That's wonderful! I think I'd have to squeeze in a trip to LA when we go to Santa Barbara in November. It looks like you all had a great time. And for only $5.50, that's a great deal!! There's a silog place in Daly City called Tselogs that we love, silog plates are only $4.50 to $6.50. Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Making Filipino breakfast tomorrow! Yum!

Lala said...

sigh, that truck needs to come to Toronto. a road trip with the other truck from LA!

then all of us here will be so happy and well fed.

justJENN said...

Man, that looks delish!

ziggy said...

goodness these foodtrucks are sprouting like mushrooms! that's a pretty unique longganisa. but it is good to know that filipino food is picking up. i might feature them too! cheers for the post!

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The Food Librarian said...

Your boys are too cute! Looks like a fun day! - mary


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