September 3, 2008

Before & After #1: Pike Mackarel


My 6-year old specifically requested to have these fish for dinner the other night. Pike Mackarel is one of his favorite fish to eat. We usually eat them once a week with steamed rice and tomato salad; a typical meal I remember having all the time in Manila. Although our househelper usually fried them. But this is so much simpler to prepare. No need to worry about splattering oil all over the stove. I also don't like to fry them because it loses all the good omega-3 oils.

Turn on your broiler and position the rack 6 inches from top. Lay your fish on a broiler pan and sprinkle generously with salt and pepper. Drizzle a little bit of olive oil or use a cooking oil spray. Place in broiler for 7-8 minutes, or until the fish is golden brown and toasty.

Carefully take the pan out, the fish oil sometimes splatter. Use tongs to turn fish. Season with more salt & pepper. Put back in oven to brown the other side, another 5 minutes. Once out, you may sprinkle with kalamansi or lemon juice. Let stand a couple minutes and serve.



gay said...

I think we have a similar fish here in the Philippines. You made me crave for them. I agree, tomatoes would go well with them. And salted eggs!

Caroline said...

Hello, Gay. I remember having these in Manila so you should have no trouble finding them. According to the fish market here, they are wildly-caught in Japan.

You're right about itlog na maalat, they make tomato salad so much tastier. Now, you're making me crave 'em!


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