March 3, 2011

Search for Pop-Tarts

My husband's favorite treat growing up are Pop-Tarts and of course he wanted our children to enjoy them like he did growing up. I don't like them very much (shh, don't tell him) for I find them too sweet for my taste. My husband and I can agree there are way too many unnecessary ingredients in these toaster pastries. So when he gets a craving, we usually buy this organic brand but this gave me a little project to search for a homemade version. This was my first try.

I started with a pate brisee and filled them with apples I've diced and simmered with some sugar, a little cinnamon and a vanilla pod taken out from my mason jar-filled homemade extract. The tops were brushed with some egg whites and baked for about 25 minutes.

Although they came out great, I can't really call them Pop-Tarts-toaster pastries. They were more hand pies or empanadas. I think a different dough is needed that's not too flaky and a little more crumbly. I'd probably use a jam or pureed filling since they came out "dome-y" as my boys said (after they inhaled them!). Next time, I'd like to glaze them and sprinkles, too.

If you have a recipe, please leave me a comment. Do you like Pop-Tarts? What's your favorite flavor? What fillings would you like to see in one?


Joy said...

That looks great. I love the pop tarts.


My kids love pop tarts but neither did I grow up eating it.
I think though a strawberry glaze would be good.. don't you think?


Anonymous said...

I thought about using a pate brisee for my tarts, but it looks like a different dough may be more appropriate. I'll probably use the dough from this King Arthur recipe because it looks like the crust results are good:

For my tarts, I think I'm going to stick with some raspberry jam thickened a little with cornstarch and lemon zest :)


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